My summer vacation

I took a long-overdue vacation earlier this month, and came back to a maelstrom of work. Which is my excuse for not posting, but there’s also the problem that once you break your writing habit, it’s difficult to get that going again.

First, though, I want to mention that I’ll be a presenter at the Information Development World conference in San Jose in October. I’m going to be part of the “Management Issues in Information Development” panel on Friday, and I’m very excited about it. And I realize that based on my history with conferences, I need to do what I can to make this panel interesting, fun, and generally worthwhile for everyone attending. I promise to do my best.

Now, let me tell you about my vacation (this is where you can skip out).

My family spent 10 days in Puerto Rico with some family friends. Summary: It was great.

This was the view from the condo we rented:


There was also a nifty pool down there:


I spent a lot of time playing Marco Polo with my kids.

But, being a tech geek, I also dragged my family out to see this:


Which, if you don’t recognize it, is this:


It’s big. I have more pictures, but they’re just sections of a really big structure. Seriously: Big.

We also visited a rain forest:


With a waterfall:


And friendly trees:


We visited Old San Juan. We saw lots of great buildings, wandered around a huge Spanish fort, and ate some great food. This is my most post card-y photo from there: SAMSUNG CSC

We also made friends.


And, later on, we explored seaside caves…


And saw some amazing petroglyphs.


Which is writing, and somewhat technical. And easier to work with than many doc tools I’ve seen.

6 thoughts on “My summer vacation

  1. I can see lots of connections to technical writing.

    The petroglyphs are easier to understand than many of the instruction manuals I’ve read. And the observatory is the source for one of the coolest examples ever of technical writing: the Arecibo Message.

    In fact, so much of your work in Puerto Rico was related to technical writing, I’d say that you deserve another vacation.

    1. Petroglyphs: Too true. If we could just crack that code for software installation guides, for example…

      And I did make everyone spend a lot of time at Arecibo. We watched the movie, went through all of the exhibits in their science museum, and took a tour of the place (where we looked at a bunch of buildings, and then got to touch the dish itself).

      I didn’t take enough pictures of food, beaches, and the pools we spent a fair amount of time sitting around. But I won’t argue with another vacation!

  2. Neal, thanks for taking us along on your trip. I feel like I’ve just taken a vacation myself. What spectacular sights. See in at Info Dev World! (I’m giving a preconference workshop.)

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